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  1. Those of us who ask little of life, get little. Those who ask much, get much, but those who ask for too much get nothing.
  2. If you don’t buy what has to be sold, you never really need to sell anything.
  3. The top 4 criteria
    1. It must be small.   ( Sheer size mitigates growth )
    2. It must be relatively unknown.  ( Popular growth stocks are very likely to perform, but one has to pay for expected growth too much in advance )
    3. It must be a unique product that does an essential job better, cheaper and/or faster than before or provide a new service with great and long continued sale increases.
    4. It must have a strong, progressive, research minded management.
  4. Look for stocks that professional managers like, but are not sure of.
  5. Unless a company that is operating in a foreign country is conducting itself so that people of…

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