• Vietnam was Tax Free, now it even becomes DEBT FREE.
  • Vietnam operating at 80% capacity. Will be enhancing capacity by 3500MT next year.
  • Unlike Brazilian coffee converters, CCL can import coffee from anywhere in the world. Huge advantages from quality, price and availability.
  • CCL has been concentrating more on developing countries rather than developed countries. This is quite a paradigm shift from before. I urge you to read these charts from Hans Rosling, and you will realise why this is an awesome idea. https://biginvestorblog.com/2018/12/05/fun-facts-from-factfulness/
  • 85-90% of CCL product is Robusta. Brazil is mainly arabica.
  • When you can get better caffeine content using a cheaper hardy product and the blend-masters make sure the consumer can’t really tell the difference, it’s a really smart thing to do.
  • Branded + Domestic business will do 80 cr this year, with 35 cr coming from Own Brand and Private Label.
  • Have started selling Continental brand to D’Mart. Contract for manufacturing Private label in progress.
  • CCL has no qualms in supplying to COMPETITON and has done this on several occasions in the past.
  • Small packs is more of a penetration strategy rather than a profitable one. It could almost be called another form of advetizement.
  • CCL has managed to bring the price of a cup of coffee to Rs 5/- for the institutional vending machines. This breaks the old mindset of coffee being a much more expensive product than tea.
  • THIS coffee a premix of creamer, sugar and coffee is selling at Rs 10/- a cup. The closest in aroma and flavour ID which sells coffee decoction and targets the same customer base, sells liquid decoction only for 10/- a cup. Huge price difference for same quality.

I’m done jotting down the highlights,time for my coffee 😉

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