So what makes a great filter coffee ? the aroma, its bitter-sweetness, the smoothness and of course its caffeine content.

South Indian coffee has always been an enigma as the process was always perceived to be a art that most granny’s have. But frankly this art was simply a bunch of ratios.

Decoction Ratio : Water:Coffee Powder:Heat – To make the decoction. Also we have to take into consideration how long the decoction has been lingering in the filter before consumption.

Milk Ratio : Water:Milk that forms the body of the coffee. If you are fit enough to go all milk, this is one ratio reduced for you.

Combined Ratio : Here all hell breaks loose. Since none of the components are of standard measure, the decoction ratio as well as the milk ratio as well as the process measures can completely alter the taste and give you absolutely shitty to amazing results. ID simplifies this with total expertise.

ID ratio : Just pour out the entire content of the sachet. (by doing this, you do not have to take a call on how much decoction to pour out. Simple everything !) Next take your Milk ratio and pour it into the glass only looking for the right color ! The only adjustable here is how much milk to add….. simple and you just became better than your granny.

This is what the instant coffee revolution did to the complicated coffee making process but not only did it fail at replicating the coffee from coffee machines, but it worsened the taste. ID on the other hand, simplifies it and i dare say, makes the coffee better !

Any product that can retain or improve the output, by bringing down the number of variables and being cost effective will have great sales.

I may be pulling a long one here, but this is the same thing with the electric cars and the traditional fuel combustion engines. (reduces the no of parts therefore reduce the balance of ratios between them as well as bring down the cost of running and maintenance)

You now know what Elon Musk was drinking when he came up with Tesla.

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  1. Being an avid filter coffee drinker and brewer I was curious when I first saw the product. I was prepared to overlook any lack of taste considering the ease of the process afforded by this package. I wasn’t prepared for it tasting much below par. I think id has gone wrong this time. Simply vacuum sealing a decoction just protects it from microbial degradation. It does not take into account chemical breakdown of essential oils and volatile components. Freezing or simple refrigeration is a better option. The package should be refrigerated all the way from production to the customer. Honestly what I got was a rancid tasting cup.

    1. Whoa. That’s sad. I’d hate that to happen to me. If not experienced it, but given our temperatures I could happen in more places than one. Instant coffee from continental is probably the way to go.

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